Update #27: App Beta Test Program & AutoUnlock

Hi Backers,

If you’ve received your Sesame, we’d like to invite you to join our Beta Test Program to experiment with new features including Auto-Unlock, and bug fixes.


For iPhone users, please provide your Apple ID here and Apple will send you the TestFlight invitation containing a set of codes & instructions on how to proceed with the beta.

All suggestions & feedback can be left in the comments section of our iOS Beta Test Program forum. You may log in with your Sesame account.


Android users can download the beta app here.

If you have emailed me previously regarding Android bugs, our developer has been working on fixing them.

All suggestions & feedback can be left in the comments section of our Android Beta Test Program forum. You may log in with your Sesame account.

Auto-Unlock Instructions

You should see an option in your Account Settings (the little gear icon on the top right of your Sesame menu) for you to turn Auto-Unlock on. When you tap on the registered Sesame name, you should be asked to set your location. Double check to make sure your GPS is enabled.

The distance you must leave for Auto-Unlock to detect that you have left your house is about 150-200m, roughly translated to 1-2 blocks or so. If you’re just taking out the trash or getting your mail, Auto-Unlock will not be enabled. This is to prevent your door from unlocking when you’re wandering about within your house.

(Reference Image)

Once outside this radius, you should see a notification thats says “Goodbye,” and upon entering, you should see a notification that says, “Welcome back.” This shows that Auto-Unlock is functioning. When you step within your Sesame’s bluetooth range, the device will connect to your smartphone and Sesame will start to unlock. You will then see the “Success” notification, or in some cases, the “Failed” notification.

In case Auto-Unlock has failed, you can still unlock your door via launching the app manually. If somehow your connection time is taking way too long, especially if longer than usual, it is safe to say that Auto-Unlock has failed and you might want to open your door using the app.

It is recommended that Auto-Unlock be paired with the Auto-Lock feature as we test for stability at this beta stage.

Thank you,

we appreciate the effort you have taken, or will take in helping us improve user experience for yourselves and for awaiting backers.



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