CANDY HOUSE Inc. is a candy store. We sell dreams, putting the joy and surprise of innovative technology in your hands, just like candy.

CANDY HOUSE is also a design house. We design and manufacture only products that inspire a minimal yet joyful lifestyle.

Imagined, founded and developed at Stanford University, CANDY HOUSE launched its first product — Sesame — in February. Moving forward, we will devote our passion to create innovative products that improve the future of humankind.

More Links:

CANDY HOUSE Inc. website: candyhouse.co

Facebook: www.facebook.com/candyhouseINC

Twitter: @candyhouse_Inc


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I completed the color survey, and only selected silver, but when I hit submit, pink was also selected. Y second choice would have been black. Thanks and congratulations!!


  2. Hi Gary, thank you for filling out the survey. Don’t worry it’s an unofficial survey. We’ll send out an official survey asking for your shipping address and your color preference again when Kickstarter campaign ends. Remember to also put down your choice for the extra cover.


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